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My Daughter Seo-young 2012. Seoyoung cuts off her cable with her incompetent and troublesome father, trying to get out of her misery. Family is tied not only by blood but also by love. Hong Yo Seob. Alle cast- en crewleden. 2012 50 afleveringen. Seizoen 1 van My Daughter Seo-young verscheen op 15 september 2012.
My Daughter Seo-young: Episodes 1-4 Carrotblossom Patch.
i defs wait for each and every episode like some kind of crazeeee - not that THAT is anything new thanks again for joining us all the way from indonesia we look forward to hearing more from you! Eun October 23, 2012 at 7:14: pm Reply. i am searching for blogs that recap this. thank you so much off to read now. pinkblossom October 26, 2012 at 2:28: pm Reply. were so glad you found us, Eun! hope youre enjoying the drama look forward to hearing more from you! Mila November 28, 2012 at 4:59: am Reply. Miss Pink blossom please continue your recaps for My daughter Seo young. We have a hard time waiting for the subs in the drama. So I always result into your recaps. pinkblossom November 29, 2012 at 11:01: pm Reply. welcome to our crazy Patch! im so sorry the recaps have been irregular the last month!
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Género: Drama, Familiar, Romance. Período de emisión: 15-Septiembre-2012 al 03-Marzo-2013. Horario: Sábados y Domingos 19:55.: Banda Sonora: My Daughter Seo Young OST. Título relacionado: The Wife's' Lies Hunan TV, 2015. Una historia sobre el amor, el odio, la reconciliación y la relación entre un padre que se separa de su hija. Seo Young es una tenaz mujer que trata de escapar de la dura vida de la pobreza con una fuerte pasión para tener éxito, superando su bajo estatus y ascendiendo en la sociedad. En el camino de cumplir su sueño, ella rompe relaciones con su familia pobre y su padre incompetente quien aún ama a su hija a pesar de su amargura. Cuadro de relaciones. Lee Sang Yoon como Kang Woo Jae.
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Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Services External Links Production Information. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Your Rating: 0 10. Ratings: 7.9 10 from 1,815, users. of Watchers: 4,681., Reviews: 13 users. This drama will tell the story of a father who separates with his daughter, their love, hate and reconciliation. Seo Young is a tough woman who tries to escape the harsh life of poverty with a strong passion to gain success, overcome her lower status and rise in society. On the road to fulfil her dream, she cuts ties with her poor family and incompetent father who still loves his daughter despite her bitterness. The Wife's' Lies Chinese remake. Native Title: 내 딸 서영이. Also Known As: Nae Ddal Seoyeongi, My Daughter Seoyoung, My Daughter Seo Yeong, My Daughter Seoyeong, My Daughter Seo Young, Seoyeong, My Daughter, Nae Ddal Seo Yeongi.
Flash Review: My Daughter Seo Young - The Fangirl Verdict.
Its nice that you dipped your toe out of your comfort zone and found something pleasant to review about. 6 years ago. Reply to Lady G. Lol, the Lee Sang Yoon beauty was my main driving force in checking out this drama! I mean, seriously, how swoony does he look, styled like that, all clean-cut with a bit of edge? I used to feel quite allergic to LBY, and was consistently underwhelmed by her in every show I saw her in - until I Hear Your Voice. That was the drama she did after My Daughter Seo Young.
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South Korean TV series or program. Quick facts: Seoyoung, My Daughter, Also known as, Genre, Seoyoung, My Daughter. Also known as My Daughter, Seo-young. Written by So Hyun-kyung. Directed by Yoo Hyun-ki. Starring Lee Bo-young. Country of origin South Korea. Original language Korean. of episodes 50. Executive producer Moon Bo-hyun. Producer Hwang In-hyuk. Production location Korea. Running time Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55: KST. Original network Korean Broadcasting System. Original release 15 September 2012 2012-09-15 -. 3 March 2013 2013-03-03. Preceded by My Husband Got a Family. Followed by You're' the Best, Lee Soon-shin. Quick facts: Hangul, Hanja, Revised Romanization, McCune-R. 내 딸 서영 이. 내딸 㥠 榮 이. Revised Romanization Nae Ttal Seo-yeong-i. McCune-Reischauer Nae Ttal Sŏ-yŏngi. It recorded a peak viewership rating of 47.6, making it the highest rated Korean drama of 2013.
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2013 8th Seoul International Drama Award: Like" Back Then" My Daughter Seo Young OST - Melody Day. 2012 KBS Drama Award: Best Couple Award Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young. 2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Drama Popularity Award Lee Sang Yoon.
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Let's' look back preciousness of parents'' love through Lee Sam Jae, the father of Seo Young. Share this on.: Network: KBS2 2012 - 2013. Schedule: Weekends at 19:55: 65 min. Show Type: Scripted. Genres: Drama Family Romance. Episodes ordered: 50 episodes. waiting for more votes. Mar '13' 03 Sun. Episode 1x50; Mar 3, 2013. Episode Name Airdate Trailer. 1x50: Episode 50. Mar 3, 2013. 1x49: Episode 49. Mar 2, 2013. 1x48: Episode 48. Feb 24, 2013. View full episode list Cast. Lee Bo Young. as Lee Seo Young. Lee Sang Yoon. as Kang Woo Jae. Chun Ho Jin. as Lee Sam Jae. Park Hae Jin. as Lee Sang Woo. View full cast list. Also known as.: Seo-Young, My Daughter. 내 딸 서영이. Nae Ddal Seoyoungi. My Daughter Seo Yeong. My Daughter So Young. 내 딸 소영이. View all AKAs.
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CNBlues Lee Jung Shin: We Motivated Lee Jong Hyun to Act. Dec 27, 2012. CNBlue Successfully Wraps Blue Night Concerts and Will Come Back in January 2013. Dec 17, 2012. BEASTs Yoseob to Cameo in Weekend Drama My Daughter Seo Young.
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My Daughter Seo-young. South Korean drama television series. My Husband Got a Family. imported from Wikimedia project. Wikimedia import URL. You're' the Best, Lee Soon-shin. imported from Wikimedia project. Wikimedia import URL. imported from Wikimedia project. Korean Broadcasting System. imported from Wikimedia project. country of origin. imported from Wikimedia project. original language of film or TV show. imported from Wikimedia project. Wikimedia import URL. number of episodes. imported from Wikimedia project. Nae Ttal Sŏ-yŏngi. imported from Wikimedia project. Nae Ttal Seo-yeong-i. imported from Wikimedia project. 15 September 2012. imported from Wikimedia project. 3 March 2013. imported from Wikimedia project. imported from Wikimedia project. HanCinema film ID. imported from Wikimedia project. imported from Wikimedia project. Kinopoisk film ID. MyDramaList title ID. imported from Wikimedia project. TheTVDB.com series ID. TMDb TV series ID. The Movie Database. TheTVDB.com series ID. 30 May 2021. Wikipedia 9 entries. enwiki Seoyoung, My Daughter.

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